What is the Tibetan Altruism Association?

The Tibetan Altruism Association (T.A.A) is an organization of people that seeks to aid people with limited resources who are living in Tibet, especially those in nomadic areas such as Kham. It is a non-religious, non-political and not-for-profit association.

What are the goals of the TAA?

The primary goal of the Tibetan Altruism Organization is to aid development in three fundamental areas:

1. Health:

  • To develop new primary health services and improve the general health of the people. This includes the creation of new health centers in places where there are none, educating the people about how to be healthy or to improve their current health condition, etc.
  • To develop a system by which these new centers will be self-sustaining, such as developing programs for the sale and export of Tibetan herbs to help finance these centers, among other ideas.

2. Education:

  • To open new Schools or assist those that are already operating in isolated areas.
  • To help nomadic children with little or no access to education through financing  textbooks, granting scholarships, etc.

3. Work:

  • Promote and assist in the creation of a sustainable system of stable employment for people without resources or work, by helping them to promote their products online and teaching them how to manage their businesses.

More detail here:www.tibetaltruism.org